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Sunteks International represent world renowned manufacturers for the promotion of their products in Sri Lanka and other Asian countries.



Supply & Installation of SUNOPTICS Daylight Harvesting Skylights

The Prismatic skylight, a new and unique concept in skylight optical design was introduced in 1978 and on other skylight lets in more natural light while cutting out […]

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Supply & Installation Of High-Performance CALAIR Polymer Pipe Systems

High-Performance Polymer Pipe Systems for Delivery of Air, Water & Chemicals. One of the world’s most advanced families of polymer piping systems. CalAir’s ProPipe II, is […]

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Fabrication, Supply & Installation of Street Lights

High-Efficiency LED Street Lights Directly imported from Lithonia lighting USA. Light Pole can also be either imported directly from Lithonia Lighting or it can be fabricated locally. Supply and installation will be done completely with all civil and electrical works.




Supply & Installation of LITHONIA LED High-Efficiency Artificial Lighting

Lithonia Lighting provides the Best Value Lighting® solutions, offering the industry’s broadest line of commercial, industrial, institutional and residential fixtures. […]

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Supply & Apply of SOLACOAT Heat Reflective Coating System

Solacoat is a revolutionary water-based acrylic coating that contains a unique membrane additive, which reflects the suns solar rays, whilst assisting in reducing […]

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Fabrication, Supply & Installation of Air Conditioning Duct Work

Complete Design, Supply, and Installation of both Pre-Insulated A/C Duct Work and GI A/C Duct Work done to Current Industry Standards.




Supply & Installation of Evaporative Air Cooling Systems

This includes Fabricated Duct Work, Electrical Work & Plumbing. Evaporative air cooling is a natural phenomenon. When water and air come in to contact, water gets evapo […]

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Supply Innovative CHELIC Pneumatic Automation Components

One of our main products is pneumatic automation components including air line service units, air control valves, actuators, pneumatic fittings and assembly-pick […]

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Total Ventilation Solutions

We cater to all ventilation requirements from natural ventilation to Powerd ventilation, Exhaust systems, Fume extraction systems, Cross ventilation systems. Positive and Negative Pressure Ventilation systems.


Who We Are









ainly we are concentrating in reducing the cost of electricity in the areas of building cooling systems and day lighting systems.

In the year 2007 we have launched promoting of Prismatic Sky lighting systems which brings UV free full spectrum day light in to buildings. This enables to reduce day lighting cost by 90 percent. We have installed day lighting system for Brandix Green Factory; the first of its kind and CKT Apparel; the second green factory in Sri Lanka. We have completed over 25 Skylight products already.


Our Brands

Sunteks International represent world renowned manufacturers for the promotion of their products in Sri Lanka and other Asian countries.

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