CHELIC Pneumatic Automation Components

One of our main products is pneumatic automation components including air line service units, air control valves, actuators, pneumatic fittings and assembly-pick and place robots etc. These pneumatic products are widely used in various manufacturing sectors, maintenance equipment, automation equipment, medical instrument and education equipment etc.
Our manufacturer has successfully attained ISO-9002 certificate in March of 1995, achieve quality consistency and further up-grade the quality level so as to satisfy customer’s need. They have received ISO-9001 certificate in April, 1998 and official put the ISO-9001 to our quality management system and to be the first factory in Taiwan which use ISO-9001 in pneumatic components. In recent years, they have been studying and improving our product quality and supplying various products to the industries as well as reducing manufacturing cost and enhancing working efficiency.

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of CHELIC Pneumatic Automation Components.

Advantages of Pneumatic Systems

  • Availability –  Air is available practically everywhere in unlimited quantities.
  • Transport – Air can be easily transported in pipelines, even over large distances.
  • Storage – Compressed air can be stored in reservoirs and removed as required. In addition, the reservoir is transportable.
  • Temperature – Compressed air is relatively insensitive temperature fluctuations. This ensures reliable operation, even under extreme conditions.
  • Explosion Proof – Compressed air offers no risk of explosion or fire.
  • Cleanliness – Non-lubricated exhaust air is clean. Any non-lubricated air that escapes through leaking pipes or components does not cause contamination.
  • Components – The operating components are of simple construction and therefore relatively inexpensive.
  • Speed – Compressed air is a very fast working medium. This enables high working speeds to be attained.
  • Overloads Safe – Pneumatic tools and operating components can be loaded to the point of stopping and are therefore overload safe.

CHELIC Pneumatic Product Range

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