ACUITY BRANDS LITHONIA Roadway & Area Lighting

Roadway Lighting

With up to 45 degrees of tilt, the Mongoose family offers a portfolio of true setback options for offset roadway lighting. Mongoose LED can provide up to 60% reduction in energy cost over HID cobra head alternatives in setback applications. This is coupled with a minimum of 50% reduction in maintenance costs while extending fixture life to 100K hrs. Also, the hallmark of offset lighting is reduced installation costs due to a reduction in pipe and wire – further reducing your total cost of ownership.

Area Lighting

For area and site lighting applications, the Mongoose LED family provides a very attractive and flexible alternative to traditional shoebox area lighting, while achieving up to 60% reduction in energy cost over HID incumbents. With a universal mount architectural arm and multiple other mounting options, virtually any area application is possible with Mongoose LED.

Watch this video for better understanding, of Acuity Brands Lithonia Roadway & Area Lighting.

ACUITY BRANDS LITHONIA LIGHTING Roadway & Area Lighting Product Range


Total Units Installed

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