CALAIR Pipe Systems

One of the world’s most advanced families of polymer piping systems, CalAir’s ProPipe II, is manufactured in Australia for high performance handling of compressed air pipe systems, gases, chemicals, oil and water. Typically weighing eight times less than steel and permanently colour-coded for optimum safety, the clean, low-friction and non-corrosive CalAir pipe system is far simpler, faster and less expensive to erect and reconfigure than conventional systems.

Pro-Pipe II

Pro-Pipe II is a major advancement in pipe systems, using leading edge technology during design and manufacture has provided the opportunity to use the latest polymers in developing a modular pressure pipe system with exceptional performance levels.

Pro-Pipe II pipe is manufactured from CXPP40 a Block Co-Polymer Polypropylene and the fittings from XXHP40 a Homo-Polymer Polypropylene, with both these materials coming from the same polymer family it eliminates mismatching when used in chemical applications.

Why Pro-Pipe II?

The colour in Pro-Pipe II is co-extruded and applied as a homogeneous melt within the diehead, resulting in a coloured layer that will not peel, flake, de-laminate or crack, even when exposed to U.V. light. This feature provides major cost savings through the elimination of periodic maintenance such as painting or labelling.


Advantages of Pro-Pipe II

Superior U.V. Resistance

Size range from 20mm – 110mm (1/2″ N.B. – 4″ N.B.)

Wide operating temperature envelope

Is the easiest method of reticulation available today. A system requiring no gluing, threading, soldering or brazing that will provide first class results even from inexperienced personnel.

High impact resistance

Is manufactured from “Food Grade” materials, also acceptable for “Breathing Air”.

Is environmentally friendly, as all materials are Re-Usable, Re-Locatable and Re-Cycleable.

Cannot rust which eliminates contamination of expensive equipment, can be installed in damp or wet conditions and can be buried in both soil or concrete without corrosion.

CALAIR Product Range

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