The Prismatic skylight, a new and unique concept in skylight optical design was introduced in 1978 and on other skylight lets in more natural light while cutting out damaging direct sunlight.

What makes prismatic skylight better than conventional white or clear skylight are the thousands of tiny prisms over 4,000 per square foot? The prisms refract direct sunlight into thousands of micro light beams. The result is a soft yet bright natural light, directed throughout the room. Economically and ecologically, day lighting makes sense.

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of Prismatic Skylights.

Advantages of High Performance Prismatic Skylights

Over 40% more light than white bubbles

Eliminates, damaging direct sunlight

(80-100)% ultraviolet screening

Triple and quad glazed for better insulation

Thermal break frames standard

Superior design and construction

Daylighting can:

Improve employee morale

Reduce absenteeism

Reduce errors

Improve product quality

Increase productivity

Sunoptics Daylighting
for Office Spaces

6 Reasons You Should Consider


Highest Performance

SUNOPTICS Prismatic Skylights have the highest performance and light transmittance of any standard domed skylight in the marketplace.

Great Structural Design

ALL SUNOPTICS double and triple glazed skylight come standard with an insulated, condensation- resistant, thermally broken frame with integrated exterior weeping wells.

Exclusive SUNOPTICS Signature Series

Designed to provide the maximum amount of light transmission into a building while still maintaining 100% diffusion.


Highest Structural Integrity

SUNOPTICS extrudes and thermally forms all of our own plastic and prismatic sheets. Sunoptics manufactures the highest quality extruded prismatic sheets available, setting us apart from our competition. Our multiple dome shapes and from multiple grades of impact modified clear acrylic or high grade polycarbonate with the highest level of structural integrity available in the market place.


SUNOPTICS Photometric Lab

Sunoptics products have been widely tested in studies conducted by independent research organizations and energy organizations.


World Leading Skylight Manufacturer

Sunoptics High Performance Prismatic Skylights have been installed in several hundred million square feet of buildings worldwide. These skylights have the potential of replacing over 500 megawatts of electrical lighting energy during a utilities’ peak load hours.

Why Sunoptics?


Total Units Installed

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