Washington Postlite II LED – Acrylic

Washington Postlite II LED – Acrylic

For City Streets, Parking Lots, Campuses, Commercial Developments, Plazas, Historic Districts, Village Squares, Residential Areas, Parks, Walkways, Boulevards, and Roadways.
The Acrylic Washington Postlite® II LED is the next generation of Holophane LED engineering, and brings the luminaire full circle back to its origins of high performance combined with the aesthetic appeal and form factor of period lighting.

Acrylic Washington Postlite II LED luminaires combine an entirely new LED design with many of the original housings of the Washington Postlite HID product line, which provides a more historical aesthetic value, greater flexibility in architectural design and an even greater value for retrofit opportunities. Significantly improved lumens per watt (LPW) provides a great opportunity to save energy, while maintaining light levels and excellent uniformity.

A full selection of both standard and Utility Series housing styles along with decorative trim and cover options means that you have a much larger pallete to create your streetscape and area lighting masterpieces. Add to that our highly engineered thermal management, quality construction and finish and you will be sure to experience a dependable, durable and reliable new luminaire.

The new luminaire fully utilizes the Holophane prismatic acrylic optics to produce high performance with a “wholly luminous” appearance. It was completely designed as both a true standalone LED platform as well as an OEM certified retrofit upgrade to your existing Acrylic Washington Postlite luminaires. Keep your installed poles and reuse your existing housing and acrylic optics, but just change out the internal electrical components in a few easy steps.

Keep the look you want along with the performance you need, all while hitting your sustainability goals and keeping the Earth a little greener.

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