Calair HFT Conduit

Calair HFT Conduit

Why use Halogen Free Materials for Electrical Installations?

Three main concerns have become increasingly important in evaluating materials:

Fire Behaviour

In buildings, public works construction, hotels, theatres, hospitals, offices and also in power plants, subway systems, airports and residential housing, fire behaviour should be given most consideration when choosing the correct materials.

Damages as a Consequence of Fire

The fire itself has nearly become a secondary problem. The side effects of fires are the more pressing areas of concern. Statistics show conclusively that human beings are seldom harmed by heat or flames. Most accidents and deaths are the result of the inhalation of corrosive and toxic fumes.

Waste Management and Environmental Issues

Our plastic for use in the production of halogen-free conduit contains no chlorines or heavy metals and thus offer the following decisive advantages over conventional systems:

  • No corrosive and acidic gas formation in fire situations and no secondary damage to electronic equipment, machines and buildings
  • No aggressive fumes which endanger the lives of humans and animals.
  • Reduced smoke density, giving better visibility at fire exits and rescue teams. No environmental and waste disposal problems because our halogen-free material can be re-used and recycled repeatedly, as well as deposited in landfill or incinerated without danger to the environment.

Chemical Resistance

Calair HFT Conduit is highly resistant against chemical attack, however please refer to our Chemical Resistance Chart for specific applications.

Field of Applications

The unique properties of Calair HFT conduit make it ideally suited for installation in a wide range of situations especially in cases where safety is an important issue:

  • High concentration of people
  • High concentration of assets
  • Risk of high costs due to plant interruption

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