The Mongoos®e is a roadway and area lighting luminaire with unsurpassed optical versatility. The Mongoose can be used for commercial developments, residential streets, parkways, parking lots, airports, institutional sites, municipalities, power plants,
Construction: The housing, door, and fitter are made from die cast aluminum that is pre-treated and powder-coated to meet the most rugged industry standards. The finish is corrosion resistant to meet ASTMB-117, resists cracking or loss of adhesion per ASTM D522, resists surface impacts of up to 160 inch-pound. All external hardware is corrosion resistant. Access to the internal housing is tool-less. The Mongoose~174; is available in multiple mounting options including architectural arm, horizontal arm, yoke mount, and vertical tenon.

Electrical: Ballast is copper wound, high power. It reliably starts the lamp in ambient temperatures to minus 40 degrees F. The plug-in HPS starter is totally encapsulated with a material that electrically insulates all components from lamp and ballast heat. A protected starter, if specified, senses an inoperative lamp and shuts down automatically to prevent continuous pulsing and thermal damage. The Mongoose is available with High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide lamps in wattages ranging from 100W to 400W.

Optical: The Mongoose luminaire provides the best combination of vertical and horizontal illumination. The product features a revolutionary optical system that provides for a wide variety of applications. State of the art materials, coupled with 14 advanced optical systems ensure optimal performance for any application including large area lighting, forward throw, flood lighting, roadway, offset, sports and high mast lighting. Pole spacing of up to 10 ten times the mounting height is possible with Mongoose luminaires. Fewer poles less energy consumption, and improved light distribution result in lower life-cycle cost as well as initial installation costs. The Mongoose also features multiple tilting options to meet full cutoff, cutoff and semi-cutoff distributions. It is available with clear flat glass, drop glass, or prismatic refractor optics.

Listings: The Mongoose luminaire is UL/CUL listed for 40 degree C ambient (347V, 400W HPS restricted to 25 degree C ambient). ASTM B-117 ASTMD522 IP66

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